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Philadelphia based piano accompanist and vocal coach, Elizabeth Manus, has been performing professionally for 30 years. Trained in piano accompanying at the Curtis Institute of Music, Elizabeth specializes in accompanying solo singers and choirs to prepare sacred or secular works for their performances. She provides excellent sight reading skills, plays choral parts in open score, and orchestral reductions at the piano. Elizabeth has a unique blend of training and experience as a singer, pianist and choral conductor to offer. She has knowledge of IPA, art song, oratorio, opera and musical theater repertoire.

As accompanist and coach, Elizabeth provides expertise and a supportive attitude working with singers to enhance their best qualities in musical preparation and performance. Given her ability to learn music quickly, she can adapt her performance to suit any musical era and style needed. She has the versatility to work with professional musicians and young people to help them prepare for auditions, competitions and recitals.

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“I've depended on Beth's accompanying skills for both my college and community choirs for over ten years.  She is so musically solid there are many things I have come to take for granted until I have to bring in a sub when she's away.  She can play any combination of parts needed from the score, and always plays with a natural responsiveness and musicality.  And my singers love her easygoing and professional disposition.  It's safe to say I'd truly be at a loss without her!”—Thomas Lloyd—Haverford College and Bucks County Choral Society

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