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Hello! Thank you for taking time to visit my site.

Based in the Philadelphia area, I am a collaborative pianist and vocal coach who has been performing professionally for over 30 years. Trained in piano accompanying at the Curtis Institute of Music, I’m known for being able to learn music quickly, and adapt my performance to suit any musical era or style required by the individual singer or instrumentalist. Strong sight reading skills and an ability to work with various ages and personalities are also assets I’ve cultivated over the years.

One of my specialties is collaborating with solo singers and choirs. I prepare art songs, arias from operas and oratorios, and musical theater selections. Playing choral parts in open score and orchestral reductions at the piano are also among my skills.

If you are a singer in need of a pianist or coach, then I can provide you with sensitivity of  tone and phrasing, as well as guidance on diction and interpretation.

If you are an instrumentalist, then I can offer you a wide knowledge of repertoire that I’ve accompanied for several different instruments including all strings, most woodwinds and brass.

I invite you to browse this site and visit the Accompanying/Coaching Services page to make a request for services. Thank you!
“I've depended on Beth's accompanying skills for both my college and community choirs for over ten years.  She is so musically solid there are many things I have come to take for granted until I have to bring in a sub when she's away.  She can play any combination of parts needed from the score, and always plays with a natural responsiveness and musicality.  And my singers love her easygoing and professional disposition.  It's safe to say I'd truly be at a loss without her!” —Thomas Lloyd—Haverford College and Bucks County Choral Society

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