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Elizabeth Manus, pianist: 
Accomopanying/Coaching Services
Contact me at info@elizabethmanus.com
“Beth Manus is an outstanding accompanist which whom I've had the pleasure of working on numerous occasions. Beth is highly musical, sensitive, and emotionally in tune with the music she is playing. She displays an impressive musical skill set, and is essentially fearless in a musical setting. I can absolutely recommend her with complete confidence.” August 13, 2013
—Rick Rosen, (Minister of Music at Church of the Messiah, Gwynedd, PA ) worked directly with Elizabeth at Bucks County Choral Society


Musicians in the greater Philadelphia area can request a wide variety of accompanying/vocal coaching services by filling out the request form below.

As a pianist, it is my aim to provide versatility, intensive work, and support as a collaborator with singers, instrumentalists or in ensembles. I also have considerable experience accompanying young people for auditions, competitions, and recitals.

As a vocal coach, I combine expertise, a love of singing, and a positive attitude working with singers in art song, oratorio, opera and musical theater literature.

It is my desire to help singers refine their vocal technique and interpretation given my knowledge of the repertoire, and skills with diction and IPA. Typically, I recommend vocal coaching for those who are high school age or older.

Students and professional musicians alike who choose this locale for their needs will find
dedication, experience and a supportive attitude in working with me.

So that I may best meet your needs, please fill out all of the requested information in the following Accompanying/Coaching Request Form.  I will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements and my rates for service. Payment is expected at the time services are given.

Thank you so much. I look forward to assisting you!

Elizabeth Manus

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