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“Elizabeth is one of the few individuals that is filled with such a passion to help singers perform at their best. She also realizes that a singer has to protect their voice and if they do it wrong, they will damage their voice. Elizabeth helps would be professional singers to prepare for their debut by teaching them not only the basics of singing, but also the ways to save their voice.

I would recommend Elizabeth to any parent who has a child that wants to be a singer or a singer who wants to pursue the professional road to stardom.” July 26, 2011
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was a consultant or contractor to Elizabeth at University of the Arts, Phila, PA

It is my pleasure heartily to endorse Elizabeth Manus without reservation. As well as being a brilliant accompanist, she is an accomplished recitalist and concert pianist. I have sung with Beth as both rehearsal and concert accompanist in the Bucks County Choral Society and also with Cordus Mundi, a 14-voice men’s choir. In rehearsal, Beth consistently reveals an unusual ability to make very difficult music accessible to non-professional choir singers, a rare talent which often goes underappreciated. I have worked with many accompanists in seven different choirs, and Beth’s ability to facilitate the preparation of a choir is at the top of the list by a wide margin. When accompanying choral concerts, Beth has the ability to inspire the choir to perform at a level seemingly beyond its capability. When performing on her own in concert, Beth brings sensitivity and artistry to her playing that draws the audience into the music and makes her performances a joy to hear. Beth is a professional musician and a delightful human being with whom it is always a pleasure to work.
Eric Muth, Bucks County Choral Society

“I have sung in choral groups on several occasions with Beth as our accompanist. I can attest that she is an accomplished and passionate musician, both in rehearsal and in performance. I can recommend her without reservation.
—John Leslie, Bucks County Choral Society

Stepping in to substitute for a regular accompanist is always difficult, but Beth made it look so easy! It was such a pleasure to work with her when my regular accompanist was unavailable. I particularly appreciated her sensitive and expressive playing of some very tough accompaniments, and responsiveness to the conducting. And of course, such a wonderful and helpful attitude was an added bonus!
— Joy Hirokawa, Artistic Director, Bel Canto Children’s Choir.

Elizabeth Manus:
“Fantastic pianist and accompanist excellent collaborator”.
—Cailin Marcel Manson, Baritone, Conductor

For the past 4 years I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Beth while attending the summer classical vocal program at the Germantown Institute for the Vocal Arts.  She is a true professional and one of the best accompanists I have worked with.  She has the greatest sense of timing and an ear beyond compare. I have appreciated her coaching suggestions which enhanced my technique or gotten me over of a "rough spot". As always I look forward to working with her whenever the opportunity arises.
—Meridel Peterson, Mezzo-soprano

Elizabeth is a great accompanist and a reliable professional. In addition, she is a very supportive colleague! 
—Sharon Rhinesmith, Mezzo- Soprano

Elizabeth, “Thank you for your dedicated reading of the piano reduction of Three Studies for Clarinet and Orchestra scheduled for performance/recording on February 22 in NYC”!  —John Russo, Composer

"professional, proficient, pleasant, focused, & excellent at her skill as a pianist"
—Cathy Guenzel, Bucks County Choral Society